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Be your own bi expert

We are on a mission to empower HR leaders and teams to make better and faster decisions through data to get the best out of your employees.

Almost no other department has as much access to data as HR. It is therefore not surprising that many HR managers get lost in the sea of information. But what if there was a way to take control of this vast sea of data without having a technical background? This is exactly where beyobie comes into play. Born out of the belief that everyone should be their own data analyst, beyobie is more than just an HR tech startup. With beyobie, we are changing the way companies make HR decisions to create a more efficient and people centric future.

Our vision is to democratize Business Intelligence (BI) and make it accessible, understandable and actionable for everyone, regardless of technical background.

"We believe that in times of endless information, everyone should be their own BI expert. "

Katharina, CEO & Co-Founder

beyobie in the Media


Our Brand Values


Our tool was developed to empower HR to take control of their analysis and give them a strong voice.


Data can be complex, but understanding it shouldn't be. We strive for simplicity in design and function.


People analytics shouldn't just be for tech-savvy people. Our goal is to close the gap and make BI accessible to everyone.

Ready for your Mission?

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